Clubhopping x DJ2BE DJ contest

DJ2BE x Clubhopping

Totally unexpected I won my first ever DJ contest. The reason I was surprised was because what I had in my head wasn’t exactly what I went on to perform. After my performance I was disappointed in myself because of some issues that I feel I should’ve done perfectly.

Nevertheless I’m extremely excited to DJ at Oh Oh Intro @ the Clubhopping stage on Thursday 30th of August 2018. I’ve also been asked to DJ on the Saturday the 1th of September. More on that later!

Picture taken after set

Young Agga Radio

At 24th of november 2016 I was a guest at Young Agga [Den Haag FM] and I did a live mix there. I was very nervous at first since this was my second time doing a live radio show. I wanted this to be perfect of course. But my nervousness became more as things started to go wrong. I couldn’t find my usb sticks (as always!) and my earplugs lost the rubber tip. Meanwhile I was stressing about not being familiar with the equipment I was going to use during my set. In the end it ended well, because I somehow found both my USB sticks and my rubber tip just in time to do my set.  You can listen to it below!


Live DJ set door DJ INVR. Bij Young Agga op Den Haag FM 92.0 for more!! Lyndon Tjoen Tak Seu

Geplaatst door Young Agga op Vrijdag 25 november 2016