INVR Profile picture

Alex Invar is a DJ and producer born in a small town in The Netherlands called Sittard. As a kid he briefly received some recorder lessons, became interested in Hip Hop and music production. Not soon later he moves to Curaçao. This is where INVR initially got to learn the basics of music production.

Years later, back in the Netherlands, INVR realizes that he’s drawn to the odd uplifting sounds of Dutch House. He decides to switch his style up and create more uplifting music. While developing a taste for extraordinary synth sounds and quirky melodies, INVR starts to form his own house sound. By combining thick percussion and fast paced melodies and an uncommon choice of sounds INVR has achieved a sound that is unique.

INVR has played a set on radiostation Young Agga (by Den Haag FM) and also on Wouts House Party on RTV Purmerend. Recently he has won the DJ2BE x Club Hopping DJ Contest 2018, earning him a spot in the line-up of the Clubhopping x oh oh intro stage.